Monday, January 16, 2017

Sierra's First Time on Skis: Return to Tilson Connector Trail

Today I returned to the Tilson Connector Trail. However, this time I brought Noelle and Sierra with me. We borrowed a pair of skis from the Rainy Lake Visitor Center and hit the trail. It was Sierra's first time on skis and she really enjoyed it!
Sierra on skis
ski bunny

She did a great job.
Sierra skis with Mommy
girls on skis
girls on skis 2
While she did fall a few times, she was a good sport about it and didn't spend too much time wallowing in the snow like she did when we snowshoed the Oberholtzer Trail a few weeks ago. We traveled the entire section of the Tilson Connecotr that runs concurrent with the Rainy Lake Recreation Trail. We turned around at the crossing of the county road. On the way back to the car Sierra got tired and so she took a few breaks. Once on a bench
and a few times in the snow.
laying in snow
She held mine and Noelle's hand for a little extra help on a few of the uphill sections.
holding hands

After we had returned to the trailhead, I said goodbye to my girls and set off on the trail again. This time I would look for the Hike to Health rubbing plate that I had missed last week. Sure enough I found it.
Hike to Health
It was attached to a tree off to the side of the trail near the "No Hunting" sign I had seen on my last ski. I made the rubbing in my book and then headed back the way I had come. On the return ski I noticed wolf tracks in the snow. 
wolf track

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