Monday, June 26, 2017

A Day in Fargo

Yesterday after work, Noelle, Sierra and I ate a quick dinner and then hit the road headed southwest and to Buffalo River State Park where we set up camp in the near midnight darkness. This morning we awoke, ate breakfast and headed into North Dakota. It was Sierra's first time in the "Peace Garden State." Our first stop was the Fargo Moorhead Visitor's Center where we got to see both a replica of
Sierra and Eric at chipper
and the original wood chipper from the movie Fargo.
Noelle and Sierra at chipper
From the visitor's center, it was a short drive to the Red River Zoo. Among Sierra's favorite attractions at the zoo were the river otters,
otter at Red River Zoo
the carousel,
Sierra on carousel
and the baby sheep in the petting zoo.
Sierra and baby goat

It was lunchtime as we left the zoo and so we drove towards downtown, looking for a good spot for a picnic lunch. We ended up stumbling upon the wonderful Lindenwood Park
fountain 1
where we ate, played at the playground (2 of them actually), and explored the park.
bridge over Red River
We then headed into downtown for a walk around
Fargo Theater
before heading over to Fargo Brewing Company for a couple of pints, including a Wood Chipper IPA.
Sierra at brewery
Sierra and Daddy at logo

After playing Uno at Fargo Brewing, we headed back downtown for dinner at Rhombus Guys and then to the Fargo Moorhead Redhawks baseball game at Newman Outdoor Field.
Newman Outdoor Field
game tickets
eating dippin dots at game
Red Hawks game
We watched a very entertaining game, and the hometown Redhawks came out on top.

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