Sunday, June 11, 2017

Judy Garland Museum

With a steady rain falling on the tent this morning, but sunny skies predicted for the afternoon, Noelle, Sierra and I headed into Grand Rapids for breakfast and to kill some time while we waited for the rain to end. After breakfast at a coffee shop, we headed to the combination children's museum and Judy Garland Museum. We spent a good portion of the morning in the children's museum, but then headed into the interesting Judy Garland portion.
Land of Oz
I learned a bit about Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She certainly did not have an easy life. She was fed drugs as a child to get her to perform better; a pretty sad situation that left her addicted for life. Anyway, we toured the home she lived in for a short time before the family moved west to California.
Judy Garland home
There weren't any original objects inside, after all, no one expected young Judy to become the star that she was. There were plenty of period pieces though.
inside Judy Garland Home

The funnest part of the museum were the cut out outside where Noelle posed as the Tin Man
tin Noelle
and I as the "Cowardly Lion".
cowardly lion Eric
We ate a picnic lunch in the grass in front of the museum and then headed back to Scenic State Park as the sun poked through parting clouds.

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