Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Buffalo River State Park

We spent the last 2 nights camped at Buffalo River State Park. However, to be honest, we did not spend a whole lot of time in our campsite, other than sleeping, eating breakfast,
eating breakfast
and chasing away the tame chipmunks and 13 lined ground squirrels.
13 lined ground squirrel
Yesterday, before heading into Fargo, we walked a short nature trail that started near the campground. There were a few wildflowers in bloom in the prairie,
pink flower cluster
black eyed Susan
and an interesting glacial erratic boulder.
Sierra at erratic
Then the trail headed into some woods
Sierra and Noelle walk
bordering the Buffalo River where we saw some big bur oak trees
bur oak
and a weird insect.
insect closeup

Today we headed back into the prairie to explore a little bit more, before we started our drive back to International Falls. We ended up hiking a fire break past a single tree,
walking the prairie
perhaps an elm. There was lots of milkweed,
milkweed 2
some of it in bloom.
milkweed closeup
We even saw a monarch butterfly caterpillar.
monarch caterpillar
There were a few other wildflowers in bloom as well.
unknown flowers
coneflower 2
We made our way to a gravel road and hiked it to the park entrance sign
entrance sign
and then to a short trail
Sierra touching the prairie
that led us back to where we had parked the car. Our parking spot was conveniently located near the swimming pond which we took advantage of, though the water was a bit cool.
in swimming pond

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