Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Birds Hill Provincial Park

Bird's Hill Provincial Park has been our home base for our Winnipeg trip the last few days. It's a pretty big park, with pleasant aspen parklands scenery. Our campsite is a bit primitive, which is okay with us. The only issue has been the squirrels. They are very brave and have been constantly trying to steal our food. They are mostly Richardson's Ground Squirrels.
Richardson ground squirrel
There is a nice swimming area that Sierra really enjoyed,
Sierra swims
though it wasn't the warmest day for swimming when we visited yesterday.

While the park has mostly been a place for us to eat
drinking water
and sleep,
asleep in tent
we did go for one hike while in the park.
Sierra and Noelle hiking
It was a hike to the site of an old community called Pine Ridge. There's not much left of Pine Ridge today; just a homestead cabin,
some rusting farm equipment
more farm implements
and a barn.
walking to barn
We walked
Sierra hikes alone
from the homestead site to a lookout tower
and then retraced our steps back to the car. Along the way we saw a few wildflowers in bloom.
black eyed Susan
Besides the squirrels, the only wildlife we saw were a few frogs.

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