Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

We ate breakfast this morning, organized camp a bit, and then headed out to explore Lower Fort Garry. Lower Fort Garry is another Parks Canada national Historic Site, like the Forks. Being the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, all Parks Canada sites are free, so we didn't have to pay an entrance fee. Thanks Canada! We checked out the interior of the visitor center there for a bit
sculpture inside
and then headed outside to check out the fort
approaching Fort Garry
which was a Hudson's Bay Company property.
HBC sign
Outside the walls of the fort were a garden and the garden manager's home, a native encampment,
blacksmith shop,
and the Red Chairs!
red chairs
last stop

We went inside the fort and checked out some of the buildings within its walls. Unfortunately, the big house was closed for repairs,
Big House
but we did get to sit on the lawn to watch some of the fort's inhabitants read their mail.
ox cart
looking out
There were warehouses,
and sleeping quarters. We learned that the fort had been operated as a Motor Country Club for a period of time
Sierra in bonnet driving
and a jail as well!
Eric in jail

When left the fort and had lunch in the shade near the parking lot. Then we headed to another nearby National Historic Site, St Andrews Rectory.
St. Andrews Rectory
The church there is one of the oldest in Manitoba
St. Andrews Church
and the rectory has some exhibits inside
inside rectory
and Red Charis out on the porch.
red chairs at St Andrews

On the way back to our campsite at Bird's Hill Provincial Park we noticed Skinner's, a hot dog place with ice cream and so we stopped to get a cool treat.
eating ice cream
The most interesting part of Skinner's is the old abandoned water park behind the restaurant!
abandoned water park
Noelle and I both thought it would be really cool to do some snooping around the grounds, but it was fenced off and off limits. Instead of exploring the abandoned water park, we headed to the St Andrews dam at Lockport.
St Andrews Dam
Just below the dam, hundreds of pelicans congregated and fished in the turbulent waters.
pelicans fishing
It was mesmerizing to watch them and you can get really close!

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