Monday, July 24, 2017

Winnipeg: The Forks and More

Last night after work, Sierra, Noelle and I ate a quick dinner and hit the road headed west to Warroad. We crossed the border in Manitoba for the first time and were greeted by a flock of Canada Geese at the crossing station. Then we headed northwest into Winnipeg, where we spent the night in a hotel. This morning we awoke, ate breakfast and headed to the Forks. The Forks is the site of one of Parks Canada's
parks canda logo
National Historic Sites and a meeting place for many in the Winnipeg area. After parking the car, we headed into the park there, and after Sierra watched some people skateboard, we checked out Path of Time sculpture.
Forks Path of Time sculpture
Then it was on to the Red Chairs to have our picture taken.
red chairs
We explored a bit more of the historic site,
then crossed the Louis Riel Bridge into St. Boniface
Riel Bridge and museum
to check out the cathedral there.
St Boniface Cathedral
There is a sculpture of La Verendrye
La Verendrye
and Louis Riel's grave
Louis Riel grave
in the cemetery outside the cathedral.

After checking out St. Boniface we headed back across the Red River to the Forks,
walking Riel birdge
where Sierra explored the Variety Heritage Park.
slide in Adventure area
She particularly enjoyed the splash pad.
Sierra at splash pad
Sierra plays in water
We had lunch and beers at restaurants in the Forks Market and then headed out to explore a little bit more of Winnipeg.
bison mural
Upper Fort Garry was a pretty cool park
Upper Fort Garry gate
with a Sound and Light show that was difficult to see in daylight. Also, the lights are controlled by a cell phone app ad since we don't have Canadian cell plans, we were unable to control the lights. There was a really cool art installations that doubled as a big hammock!
resting in big hammock
Sierra and Noelle in big hammock
Downtown was a bit of a disappointment. We went to Hudson's Bay Company (also known as HBC or "the Bay"). It was more run down than I had expected and there was not much in the way of point blankets. We did stop in the MEC store though and I picked up a Canada 150 water bottle.

After a long day of exploring and splashing in the water, we were ready to head to our campsite for the night and so we headed to the car and drove out to Bird's Hill Provincial Park where we set up the tent and made ourselves some dinner. We're looking forward to tomorrow's adventure; exploring Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site.

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