Sunday, May 29, 2011

LaSalle Falls, Wisconsin

Friday after work, Noelle, Parker and I packed up the Subaru and headed east into Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and back into Wisconsin headed to Noelle's relative's house in Wausaukee, Wisconsin. We were headed there for Noelle's cousin Leah's graduation party. We had a great time at the party yesterday and today we were ready to do some hiking. After consulting our guide book we decided on hiking to LaSalle Falls which is outside of Florence, Wisconsin.

After a pleasant drive to the trailhead during which we saw a porcupine, we hit the trail.
Hiking to LaSalle Falls

The woods in northern Wisconsin are just loaded with trillium this time of the year.

In some areas it seemed to blanket the forest floor. We also saw some fringed polygala
Fringed Polygala

and jack-in-the pulpit as well.
Jack-in-the Pulpit

Soon we made it to a fork in the trail. A sign indicated a side trip to a gorge overlook. The gorge formed by the Pine River was interesting, but difficult to get to.
Pine River Gorge

Parker and I scaled a steep cliff wall to get down to the river and a nice view.

After checking out the gorge we headed further upstream and could soon hear the waterfall. Unfortunately, there is not a really good vantage point from which to see the falls, but we were able to stand at the brink of the falls and watch them plunge into a pool below.
Noelle at Brink of Falls

Eric at Brink of Falls

There were also some nice little cascades above the falls which we spent a few moments exploring.
Pine River Rapids

After a few minutes at the falls we returned to the car for the drive back to Wausaukee.

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luksky said...

An outdoor person myself, I really enjoy seeing other topographies and vegetation that are so different than my own area. Beautiful!