Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Walk at Congdon Park & Visit to Granitoid Park


It was a beautiful, though cool morning and Noelle, Mom, Parker and I had to take advantage of it. It was windy so we ruled out a visit to Park Point. Instead we decided to head over to Congdon Park, even though all of us had been there before. We parked on Fourth Street and started walking downstream towards the small canyon section of trail where we crossed Tischer Creek on three bridges.


We followed the old road upstream for a bit, then crossed over Fourth Street and headed further upstream on the trail.

When we had reached the upper reaches of Congdon Park we crossed the creek on a bridge and followed a section of trail that none of us had been on before on the opposite side of the creek.

When we returned to the car I decided to drive up 25th Avenue East to see if I could find the fabled "Oldest Concrete Pavement in Minnesota." My mission was successful! We drove on the oldest concrete pavement in Minnesota and read all about it on a historical marker placed in the aptly named Granitoid Park.
Granitoid Park


Still Wandering said...

So, how old IS the oldest concrete in Minnesota?

Eric and Noelle Grunwald said...

How are you doing man? never hear from you since I quit Facebook. Maybe i should get back into the EVIL EMPIRE. Anyway the streets were paved with this old concrete back in 1909 and 1910. That's some pretty old concrete!

Kate Francis said...

Wow it looks beautiful there. Thanks for sharing it with me.