Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Exploring Carlsbad

This morning Noelle and I had an enjoyable breakfast. We lounged around and drank coffee and relaxed on the porch. Eventually we decided to go for a walk and so we headed out to the Riverwalk for a nice stroll along the Pecos River.

The temperature was perfect. We headed downstream to the southern end of the trail and then crossed the river on the dam there before heading back upstream.

Once back home we ate lunch and then I headed out on bicycle to explore the bike trail that follows the irrigation ditch.
Eric on Bicycle

It is not the most scenic trail I've ever been on, but it was nice to get outside and get some exercise.
Bike Path

It was the first time I had been on a bicycle in a while! I ended up riding to the flume and the Pecos River Springs from which the town of Eddy was renamed Carlsbad.
Carlsbad Springs

I then headed back home, most of the way I rode on the rough dirt road on the opposite side of the ditch.

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