Monday, October 31, 2011

Hiking Lincoln National Forest Near Cloudcroft

This morning Noelle, Parker and I packed up the Subaru and headed up into the mountains near Cloudcroft to do some hiking. our first stop was the Trestle Recreation Area where Noelle and I had hiked several years ago. We headed past the replica train station and into the cool, pine-scented forest.
Hiking Cloudcroft

As we hiked we got into some snow!
Hiking in the Snow
It sure is quite a contrast up here compared to down in the Chihuahuan Desert of Carlsbad! Eventually we made it to Mexican Trestle where we turned around.
Mexican Trestle
It was kind of hilly back there. Parker really seemed to enjoy the cool mountain air though. Soon we found ourselves at the ruins of the "S Trestle". We took a photo there that was similar to one we took several years ago.
Eric at  "S Trestle"
We also visited the Devil's Elbow overlook before we headed back to the parking lot.
Devil's Elbow Overlook

Our hiking near Cloudcroft was not yet complete for the day though. We headed a little ways down the mountain to the Osha Trail.
Osha Trailhead
The Osha Trail was an enjoyable hike through the forest. Most of the deciduous trees' leaves were down, but there was a little bit of color left in the forest. There were a few big trees in the forest there.
It was a great day of hiking in the mountains! As we left Cloudcroft we headed steeply down the mountain and made our way to Oliver Lee Memorial State Park where we camped for the night.
Noelle at Campsite

Parker the Desert Dog
There are some great views of Dog Canyon from the campground.
Dog Canyon
Noelle and I hiked Dog Canyon several years ago. It is a very interesting place with some interesting history.
Our evening ended with a beautiful sunset!
Sunset at Oliver Lee State Park

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