Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Lowest Point in New Mexico

A bit over a month ago I ascended to the highest point in New Mexico, Wheeler Peak. Today I decided to go on an adventure to the lowest point in New Mexico which just happens to be just south of Carlsbad on the border with Texas. This adventure got me thinking about state low points and I realized that I've been to several of them without thinking much about it. One that comes to mind immediately is the low point of New Jersey. The lowest point of land in new Jersey being the Atlantic Coast, I visited the lowest point in the Garden State every summer for our family vacation. Upon investigation on a special low points website I realized that I've been to the lowest point in not just New Jersey but Louisiana (New Orleans), Rhode Island (Atlantic Coast), Virginia (Atlantic Coast), and Maine (Atlantic Coast again). These are just the one's that I can readily think of right now. There are probably others I've been to as well. I think one of these days I might make and official list of the low points I've visited.

The lowest point in New Mexico is the only state low point that I've actually made an effort to go visit. Really the only reason why I decided to go do this was because I was itching for some adventure and I did not want to drive too far away. Anyway, I set off this morning and headed south on US285 to the New Mexico/Texas boundary. Here I made a left onto a dirt road and made my way to the northern edge of the Red Bluff Reservoir.  I parked in a dusty patch of land at the end of the road and hiked along the river/reservoir to where a fence led right down to the water's edge.
New Mexico's Lowest  Point

I assumed this to be the state border and thus the lowest point in New Mexico.

From the lowest point I made my way back upstream past the skeletons of numerous dead fish
Fish Skeleton

and shells of a few turtles.

Eventually I made my way to some small cascades on the Pecos River.

Pecos Cascade

It was a pretty little spot that I'm guessing few people appreciate. I walked a bit past the small cascades but, because I had brought no water, was forced to make my way back to the car shortly thereafter.
Wide Pecos

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