Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Day in Santa Fe

This morning after breakfast the whole Theres/Grunwald clan headed down to the Plaza for a walk around town.

Burro Girls

Our first stop was the Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi. We made our way through the labyrinth outside
and then we toured the inside. After that we moved on to the Chapel of Loretto where Mom and Dad checked out the miraculous staircase. From there we moved on to the Georgia O'Keefe Museum where we checked out the wonderful art.  From the O"Keefe Museum we headed to the San Miguel Mission
San Miguel Mission
San Miguel Mission
and the nation's oldest house
Oldest House
before we walked the mile to the Bataan Death March Memorial. The New Mexico National Guard has an interesting museum there and Dad really enjoyed it.

After the Bataan Death March Museum we were all really hungry and so we made our way over to the Railyard area
where we got some delicious lunch at the Second Street Brewery. Noelle saw this awesome bumper sticker behind the bar there and with the recent infatuation with "Spirit Animals" we just had to get one.
Beer: Eric's Spirit Animal
After lunch we strolled around the Railyard and went to REI to look around a bit. For dinner we headed to Maria's for New Mexican food and margaritas.

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