Monday, March 26, 2012

Sugarloaf Peak, Franklin Mountains

After my hike up and down South Franklin Mountain, I was still ready for some adventure. I opted to take the short climb up Sugarloaf Peak which, although still in the Franklin Mountains, lies outside the boundary of the state park. It was a short drive down McKelligon Canyon road to Davis-Seamon Road and the unofficial trail-head for my hike.

My walk started with me bypassing an old quarry on an old road trace. Then I started my climb up Sugarloaf in earnest. There were lots of little desert flowers in bloom
White Flowers
and lots of plants with sharp, prickly spines to look out for. Before I knew it, I was on top of the peak.
Eric on Sugarloaf Summit
There is an old metal structure on the top.
Sugarloaf Summit
I guess its some type of old military beacon. There were lots of great views which I admired, and I even caught a glimpse of this interesting looking insect before heading back down to my car.

Once back at the car, I drove up to the Transmountain Road and headed to the part of Franklin Mountains State Park that allows camping. I set up my tent at site #5 which has a great view of the Aztec Caves.
Campsite and Aztec Caves
Noelle and I hiked up to the caves (again just rock shelters really) several years ago. It's been a great day reacquainting myself with the Franklin Mountains!       

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