Thursday, March 15, 2012

Guadalupe Mountains National Park: Smith & Manzanita Springs Loop

This morning we woke up, ate breakfast and hit the road again. This time we would be doing less driving as we were headed to Guadalupe Mountains National Park to do a short hike. The whole family went, I was happy to learn that even Dad was down for a little walk in the desert.

We started at Frijole Ranch and checked out the grounds there. Unfortunately, the house itself was not open and so we headed over to Manzanita Springs.

Hiking to Manzanita Spring
There is a large pond there and the water in it is beautifully clear.
Manzanita Springs
After a quick stop we hit the trail again. There were lots of flowers in bloom including madrones
Madrone Flowers
and many others I could not identify.
Yellow Flower
Little Yellow Flowers 
There were also lots of great views in all directions.
Dad & Nipple Hill

Eventually we made our way to the shady oasis of Smith Spring.
Smith Spring
We sat on a stone bench there where we ate some snacks and then headed back onto the trail which looped back to the car.
Noelle and Dad Hiking
It was a wonderful hike with some wonderful people!

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Abigail Austin said...

That was my introduction to the Guadalupe Mountains--it was a beautiful trail, especially in the autumn when the leaves were turning!