Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guadalupe Mountains National Park: Salt Basin Dunes

Guads and Dunes
Today Noelle and I went to the Pecos River Cafe where we joined our good friends Robby, Erin and Chris for breakfast. After some delicious food we headed into Texas and Guadalupe Mountains National Park's Pine Springs Visitor Center where we picked up the keys to the gate to the Salt Basin Dunes parking area. It was a pretty long drive from the VC to the dunes and by the time we arrived and parked we were all ready to stretch our legs on the short hike to the white gypsum dunes.
Robby and Tess Hiking

While the hike was short, it was hot as there is no shade along the way. After about a mile we entered into the dune field and admired the view of the sugar-white sands and the Guadalupe Mountains. I had hauled a saucer sled, the one we bought at White Sands, with us.
Eric and Sled
Robby and I gave the sledding a try.
Robby Sledding
Eric Sledding
While the sand here was much slower than that at White Sands, it was perfect for the children who came along. Besides the sledding we enjoyed exploring the dunes a bit and digging into the cooler sand underneath the warmer outer layer.

Chris and Tess
Noelle in the Dunes
Robby Gives a Push
After about an hour, we were ready for the hike back to the cars. Then it was a long drive back to Carlsbad. Luckily, we had a reward waiting for us in town: ice cream at Kaleidoscoops!

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