Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Flagstaff National Monuments

Sunset Crater National Monument
After spending the night in the Bonito Campground, Noelle and I awoke early, ready to explore the three Flagstaff monuments. our first stop was Susnset Crater.
Susset Crater from East
Sunset Crater from the east
Tree and Lava
Tree in lava

Hiking the Lava
Noelle hikes the lava flow

San Francisco Peaks
The San Francisco Peaks

Noelle and Lava

Wupatki National Monument
After leaving Sunset Crater we headed into Wupatki National Monument. Our first stop was the ruins at Wukoki. From Wukoki we headed over to the Wupatki ruins. After leaving Wupatki ruins we toured the Citadel and Box Canyon ruins.
Noelle and Wukoki
Noelle and Wukoki Ruins
Noelle in Doorway
Noelle in Wukoki door
Noelle at Wupatki
Noelle and Wupatki Ruins
Noelle at Blowhole
The Wupatki blowhole
Yellow Flower
Wupatki from Ballcourt
Wupatki from the ball court
Citadel Ruins
Citadel ruins
Eric at Citadel
Eric at the Citadel Ruins
Box Canyon and San Francisco Peaks
Box Canyon
Box Canyon Ruins
Box Canyon Ruins

Walnut Canyon National Monument
Our last monument stop was Walnut Canyon. We walked the Island Loop Trail and the Rim Trail and enjoyed exploring the small, interesting cliff dwellings.   
Walnut Canyon
Walnut Canyon Ruins
Looking Out at Noelle
Noelle Walks Walnut Canyon
Closed Cliff Dwelling
Easy Does It!

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