Monday, June 4, 2012

Swimming the Black River: The Rope-Swing Hole

On a hot, summer day in the Chihuahuan Desert, nothing beats a day of swimming in a desert oasis. The spot our friend Mandy led us to, has to be one of the best swimming holes in all of southern New Mexico. The water was deep, cold, and turquoise in color.

After a delicious burrito pronto from the Pecos River Cafe, we bought some supplies at the grocery store. Noelle and I then headed home where we got the car ready and packed the food and swim toys for an epic day of splashing, jumping into the water, swinging into the water, eating, drinking, and lounging.  
Noelle Inflates Chair
Noelle inflates her river chair.
Gary sees a rare bird
Mandy Jumps In
Mandy multi-tasks: jumping and posing!
Mandy Walks on Water
Mandy walks on water, much to Gary's amazement!
Eric Jumps with Onlookers
Time for Eric's famous can-opener!
Robby Swings
Robby swings on in.
Tish Prepares to Swing
Tish prepares to swing into the water.
Tish Swings
Bombs away!
Eric and Noelle relax
Eric and Noelle lounge in the water.
Eric Jumps Out of Tree
Eric jumps out of the high branches of the tree.
The Swimming Crew
The swimming crew.

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