Friday, June 22, 2012

Grand Canyon National Park: Rim Trail Mather Point to Bright Angel Trailhead

Last night Noelle and I decided that waking up early was the way to see the Grand Canyon. We packed up camp early and drove over to Mather Point. This morning, unlike the other day, there was just a handful of people there.
Noelle at Mather Point
We admired the view for a while and then headed west on the Rim Trail.
Eric and Noelle near Mather Point
As usual we got lots of great views.
Rim Trail Overlook
We also hooked up with another portion of the Trail of Time and looked through little spotting scopes to see the different types of rocks layered upon one another.
Noelle and Scope

Soon we were in the Grand Canyon Village historic district. Here we admired the many historic buildings like the El Tovar Hotel,
El Tovar Hotel
Kolb Brothers' Studio and Lookout Studio.
Before we knew it we were back to the Bright Angel Trailhead where we caught the bus back to our car. From there we drove back to the campground to get a shower and then headed to the store for some supplies and ice before hitting the road.

We drove the Desert View Drive out to the Desert View Watchtower. There were again lots of nice views along the way.
Lipan Point
The watchtower itself was really interesting too.
Desert View Watchtower
Interesting art painted inside and a great view from the top.
Watchtower Art
Art Inside Tower
View from Watchtower
After a bit of exploring at the tower we headed out of the park and over to Navajo National Monument.           

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