Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Highpoint of Arizona: Humphrey's Peak

Last night Noelle and I had a quiet night camping at the Freidlein Prairie dispersed camping area in the Coconino National Forest.
We got a nice view of Agassiz Peak, part of the San Francisco Peaks we would hike in today, before the sun set.

This morning we woke up early, packed up our campsite and headed over to Arizona Snow Bowl to begin our hike up Humphreys Peak. The hike started out relatively easy.
Start of Hike
The trail slowly ascended through the woods. There were some pretty pink wildflowers in bloom.
Pretty Pink Flowers
Up and up we went, into the wilderness area.
Entering the Wilderness
Treeline seemed to never come.
Approaching Treeline
Eventually, we came to some stunted spruces and pines and shortly after came to "The Saddle" where we found ourselves above the trees.
Noelle at the Saddle

There were lots of great views from the ridge above treeline.
Noelle Climbing Above the Trees
It was a steep ascent up there.
The Final Stretch
Eventually we found ourselves on the summit, but because of the thick insect population we didn't spend much time up there.
Summit Insects
We had just enough time to take summit photos.
Noelle on Summit
Unfortunately, the photo of me on the summit that Noelle took didn't turn out. We quickly headed down from the summit.
Heading Back
We were soon back into the trees. The hike up Humphreys Peak was unusual in that, despite the fact that we climbed so high and hiked about 9 miles round-trip, we did not cross a single stream.

Soon we found ourselves in the meadow under the chairlifts and then back at the trailhead.  
Near the End
 I'm so proud of Noelle, my pregnant wife who is headed into her 7th month of pregnancy and was still tough enough to hike up to the summit of a 12,000+ foot mountain!          


Rev said...

Way to go, Noelle!

Aaron (a reader from Duluth)

Abigail Austin said...

That looks like a cool hike! Good job, Noelle, hiking so far carrying baby. That's the kind of mom I want to be :)