Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge: Canyon Trail

After our exploration of the Camino Real International Heritage Center it was still early in the day. We drove the roller-coaster like NM-1 past an interesting monument commemorating the Civil War Battle of Valverde into the refuge. The start of the trail didn't look too promising.
Hiking in Sand photo hikingthesandydesert_zps1dcd6bcb.jpg
It just looked like a broad, sandy wash. Almost immediately Parker started walking very slow (he hates walking in sand) and Sierra let us know she was hungry. We fixed Sierra a bottle right on the trail while Parker rested in the limited shade.
Trailside Feeding photo trailsidefeeding_zps74073496.jpg
Once the baby was content we moved on towards some sandstone walls.

Soon we discovered the first inklings of there being a real canyon.
Noelle Enters the Canyon photo enteringthecanyon_zps712d4a90.jpg
Then the walls of the canyon rose higher and we found a small natural arch.
Eric and the Small Arch photo Ericatanarch_zps2dfdca7a.jpg
From the arch, the walls of the canyon got higher still.
High Canyon Walls photo Noelleandhighwalls_zps7231e563.jpg
While the canyon never got too deep, it was still impressive.

Eventually we made our way out of the canyon and traversed the rim. There were great views down to the distant wetlands.
Noelle Hikes on Rim photo distantwetlands_zpsc35f4bbf.jpg
Next we made our way back down into the sandy bottom of the wash and back to the car. It was only a 2.2 mile hike, but with a tired baby and the dog it seemed a bit longer.
Tired Sierra photo tiredSierra_zpsa468fafb.jpg


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