Monday, January 21, 2013

San Lorenzo Canyon

After my hike up Chupadera Peak I headed back to the hotel. Noelle got herself and Sierra ready and we went out to lunch before heading up to San Lorenzo Canyon. The canyon is located on BLM lands north of Socorro. I learned about it by looking for information about interesting looking places on the BLM website. After lunch it was a short drive on the interstate before we exited at the Lemitar exit. We followed the frontage road for a while and then turned left and headed into the desert.

At first the terrain did not look too promising for a canyon. Eventually, we began to see some rock walls and the canyon came into view. We could have driven the car into the canyon, but I decided it would be more interesting to walk it. Noelle fed Sierra while Parker rested a bit and then we headed into the canyon for our walk.
Parker Getting Ready photo ParkerReadyforHike_zpsa175f793.jpg
The rock formations lining the sides of the canyon were interesting. We decided to make a side trip into the first side canyon we found. We walked back into it as far as we could comfortably go with a baby and dog and then turned around to head back to the main canyon.
At the End of Side Canyon photo NoelleandSierrainSideCanyon_zps2ed02a35.jpg

We continued up canyon past may more interesting rock formations.
Walking the Canyon photo WalkingtheCanyon2_zps60821a0e.jpg
Stone Pillar photo RockPillar_zps4ea54313.jpg
Noelle and Sierra in Canyon photo CanyonShot_zpse6bbb0eb.jpg
We walked into another side canyon,
Sandy Side Canyon photo SandySideCanyon_zpsb14f3e30.jpg
but were again turned around due to the baby and dog. We walked up the canyon as far as vehicles can drive and then turned around to head back towards the car. Along the way I noticed a cave high up on one of the canyon's walls and Noelle gave me permission to check it out.
Cave photo Cave_zps13129df1.jpg
It turned out to be not all that exciting, but was worth exploring. I returned to the main canyon and quickly caught up to Noelle, Sierra and Parker.
Heading Back to the Car photo HeadingBack_zps9b7dcda8.jpg
We walked the last short stretch of canyon back to the car together.

San Lorenzo Canyon turned out to be quite interesting. It would be interesting to return some day and check out some of the less accessible areas. Some of these beckoning areas were just too rugged to explore with Sierra and Parker.
Happy Girls in Canyon photo happyGirls_zpsbd7cfd46.jpg

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