Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Couple of Days in La Crosse, Wisconsin

We've headed down to Galesville to visit with family and decided to take advantage of a pair of beautiful days by exploring La Crosse a little bit.
LaCrosse symbol
For all the time that we've spent visiting family in Galesville, it's hard to believe that we haven't spent more time in La Crosse. It's a nice city with some interesting things to do in the outdoors.

Our first stop yesterday was the well known Grandad Bluff Park. We've been there before, but it had been a while and we were all impressed with the improvements that have been made to the park. The views on the beautiful fall day were pretty awesome. There was a nice view across to the University of Wisconsin La Crosse
LaCrosse from Grandad
and out across a golf course from the main viewing platform.
another view from Grandad
Then there is another viewing spot that sits out on the edge a narrow section of bluff.
viewing platform
We checked the view out from there and then headed back towards the stone shelter and the car.
walkway at Grandad

From Grandad's Bluff we headed through downtown La Crosse and over to the Mississippi River. We found and explored the very pleasant Riverside International Friendship Gardens. After walking through the entrance arch
walking through arch
we explored the Chinese,
Sierra looking in water
Sierra walks around
friendship pavilion
and Norwegian gardens. We even got to see a barge make its way up the river.

Then we walked along the mighty Mississippi,
Mississippi bridges
walking river trail
past statues of Hiawatha,
Hiawatha (2)
an eagle,
eagle sculpture
and some kids waving to a passing boat on the Riverwalk.
children sculpture
On the way back, I noticed a forgotten seeming memorial to the USS Maine.
USS Maine memoria;
Then we made our way back to Galesville.

Today we headed back to La Crosse for the Enchanted Forest, a Halloween event for children. The whole family donned our owl hats that Noelle had crocheted.
Happy Halloween from the Enchanted Forest.
The walk was set up in Myrick Park and featured lots of great views across the wetlands there.
It looks like a place that we will definitely have to return to to explore in the future. Sierra got plenty of candy loot.
Enchanted Forest
We even saw a little wildlife!
At the end there was a fun obstacle course that Sierra had fun running through.
coming out of obstacle course

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luksky said...

Beautiful place, and as someone who crochets also, I love the hats!