Monday, October 3, 2016

The Boreal Trail in Nestor Falls, Ontario

Today was one of the most beautiful fall days one could ask for. Noelle, Sierra and I took advantage of the wonderful weather with a trip north into Canada to do some hiking in the small town of Nestor Falls, Ontario. The border crossing and drive were uneventful. We arrived at the Visitor Information Center in Nestor Falls and ate a snack at the picnic tables there before commencing our hike.
Boreal Trailhead

We started out on a dirt road,
walking the road
but then immediately headed into the woods to hike on a footpath. Like my previous hikes this fall, there were lots of mushrooms and fungi along the trail.
funky fungi
There were also a few berries. Sierra implored me to photograph these.
The trail was well marked (actually a bit over-marked) by arrow signs nailed into the trees.
tree arrow
The footpath was sometimes a bit rugged for a 4 year old,
hiker Sierra
but Sierra did well and held an adult hand at the most dangerous spots.

Soon we came to the first trail bench/shelter and a somewhat obscured view of a beaver pond through the trees.
beaver pond through trees
We didn't stop at the bench, but continued onto the long loop. Soon we came to a wonderful view of Log Creek.
Log River View
The trail was very close to Highway 71 at this point, but the road and accompanying noise were not too noticeable. We enjoyed the view for a few minutes and watched a red dragonfly buzz around for a bit.
Sierra decided to get into the backpack for the second half of the hike.
Sierra and Daddy on trail

 The highlight of the way back to the car was a wonderful, high view of a beaver pond on the short loop portion of the trail.
Beautiful fall day in #canada !
 We stopped for a bit and admired the view. Sierra even decided to lay on the rock there for a little rest.
resting on rock
Then we continued on the short distance back to the parking area. Sierra decided to get back out of the backpack and hike the last few hundred meters. I shortened up my trekking pole and gave it to her to aid in her walk.
Sierra with trekking pole

Once back at the car, we made the drive to the town's namesake, Nestor Falls.
Nestor Falls
It was a pretty little waterfall cascading into an arm of Lake of the Woods. There was a pile of leaves near the waterfall that Sierra tidied up a bit
building leaf pile
and then jumped into
jumping in
and laid in.
layiing in leaves
It was good old fashioned family fall fun!  

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