Monday, October 24, 2016

Decorah, Iowa

We headed south into Iowa for our little adventure today; Noelle, Sierra, Mom and I. Our first stop, when we had reached the quaint town of Decorah, was for lunch at a barbecue place. Then we set off to find the famous Decorah Ice Cave on Ice Cave Road. We parked the car in a small gravel lot
and then headed up a flight of stone stairs to the ice cave.
Sierra and Grandma headed to Ice Cave
at ice cave entrance
I was the only one who went very far inside. I used the flashlight on my cell phone to see inside, but there was no ice to be seen. I quickly made my way back out to a waiting Noelle and Sierra
looking out
and we headed back down the stairs
coming down
and moved on to our next destination: Dunning's Springs.

We parked the car along a creek,
at the river
crossed the road near an old root cellar
root cellar
and walked a closed road to the cascading waterfall at Dunning's Springs.
Dunnings Spring
A metal plaque on a rock told a little bit about the history of the place.
Wanting to see a little bit more, Noelle, Sierra an I walked past some gentlemen working on a neat looking stone bridge
and headed up some stairs
headed up
to get a different view of the cascade.
view from above
At the top of the stairs the water emerges from a crack in the rock. We admired the view and then headed back down to Grandma and the last stop of our trip: the Toppling Goliath Brewery.
beer at Toppling Goliath

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