Friday, April 14, 2017

Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

We had a pretty uneventful stay in Des Moines last night. This morning we hit the road and headed east to West Branch, Iowa and the home of Herbert Hoover.We started our visit to the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site with a stop at the visitor center, then we headed out past some blooming pasque flower
pasque flowers
to the actual birth cottage of our 31st president.
birthplace rock
The home is very small,
Hoover birth home
and after a short, 3 minute visit,
crib in birth home
we were in his back yard and ready to use his privy.
Not only has the National Park Service helped to preserve the president's home, they've also preserved some of the other buildings in his West Branch neighborhood.
Noelle and Sierra in street

We visited the blacksmith shop, a reconstruction of the shop that Herbert's father Jesse ran.
blacksmith shop
We then headed over to the one-room schoolhouse,
school house
where young Herbert attended 3 years learning.
inside school house
After that we walked the rest of the closed off street, past some really interesting homes that have been preserved by the park service.
home on street
We wandered into downtown and found a pizza place, Herb and Lou's, to eat lunch as it rained outside.

After lunch we headed back outside to a very light drizzle. We checked out the Quaker meetinghouse,
quaker meetinghouse
inside meetinghouse
a statue of the Egyptian goddess of life, Isis,
that had been donated to Herbert Hoover by the people of Belgium as a thank you for his humanitarian efforts during World War I. Next, we headed past the site of another Hoover home, the Maples,
Maples site
and then past the presidential library to Herbert and Lou Hoovers' grave site.
We paid our respects and headed off into the prairie in a light rain for a short walk. 
headed to prairie
hiking in prairie with umbrellas

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