Sunday, April 16, 2017

Holland Sand Prairie Preserve

Happy Easter! After an egg hunt
i found one
and visit from the Easter Bunny, Noelle, Sierra, Grandma and I headed out for a short hike at the Holland Sand Prairie Preserve near Holmen, Wisconsin. After our arrival at the preserve, we headed off, following an obvious trail into the prairie.
start of trail
In an area of shrubs we found a bird's nest
birds nest
and shortly thereafter, some pasque flowers.
pasque flowers
We would find plenty of pasque flowers throughout the remainder of the hike. Soon, we came to a fence line and some signs marking bell's vireo habitat.
bells vireo sign
We followed the fence line for a while
hiking fenceline
and found what might be a badger burrow in the soil.
badger hole
We found a bench on top of a small hill to rest at
bench on hill
and then continued on.

Sierra was in the mood to expend some energy and so we let her run a little ways ahead.
Sierra runs up hill
We looped back to a section of trail that we had already hiked and split into 2 groups. Noelle and Sierra started back towards the car, while Grandma and I headed to hike a section of trail that followed the fence line on the other side of the preserve. Eventually, we all met back up at a concrete structure that I'm guessing is the remains of an old barn foundation.
in between concrete
Then it was a short walk back to the car. 

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