Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bad Branch State Nature Preserve & Lilley Cornett Woods

Well, we had some hiking planned for today, but not a whole lot happened due to the weather. It wasn't actually rain that changed our plans though, it was lightening. We got up this morning, packed up camp, and hit the road (some curvy, steep, mountain ones). When we got to Bad Branch State Nature Preserve, it was later than we had anticipated, so instead of hiking up to High Rock,
 we only hiked to the falls and back.
After all, we had a one o'clock tour to catch at Lilley Cornett Woods. When we arrived at Lilley Cornett Woods at 12:30 after a quick lunch in Whitesburg, we started to hear thunder. We decided to start the hike with our guide,
We made it as far as this large tree
 but the weather got progressively worse. We got back to the vehicles just before all hell broke loose. It was about an hour of hard rain, lightning and wind. We decided to wait for the storm to clear and give the tour another go. However, we were once again foiled by the weather after a quick start on the trail. Oh well, we might never see all the big trees at Lilley Cornett Woods.

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