Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big South Fork NRRA: Gentlemen's Swimming Hole

Today Noelle and I headed down to the Big South Fork on a hot, humid day. What better to do on such a day than to go for a hike to a swimming hole? Luckily, our guide book to the Big South Fork (whose title shall remain nameless) contained a perfect hike to fill the swimming hole requirement. It was a short, two mile hike to what is called the Gentlemen's Swimming Hole.
The guide book described it by stating "Clear Fork's cold water, pebbly bottom, and deep pools provide excellent swimming. It's fun to float through the small rapids on tubes." When we got there however, the water was warm, the bottom flat rock, and the rapids un-runnable. Was this the work of an overzealous author trying to sell this hike, or just the result of a dry summer?

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