Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cape May Point State Park


Today Noelle, my mother and father, and myself took the drive from Ocean City down to the southernmost part of the Jersey Shore: Cape May Point and the beautiful Cape May Point State Park. It was pretty crowded at the park with lots of people in the nature center. There were some interesting exhibits in there as well and I learned a thing or two about the different animals that live in the area. Outside the visitor center was a small wildflower garden and we were lucky enough to see a monarch butterfly perched on some Black-eyed Susans.

From the visitor center we headed to the 157 foot tall Cape May Point Lighthouse and made the climb to the top.

There was a nice view of the Atlantic Ocean, the beach, some small ponds and an old bunker that was used to protect the US mainland during World War II.

Noelle and Mom and Dad saw some dolphins swimming along the shoreline from the top of the lighthouse, but unfortunately I had headed down to bottom because I got separated from them and thought that they had already headed down.

From the lighthouse we headed to the beach to check out the bunker.

Then we went to an observation platform to see what kind of life was active. It was difficult to see much without binoculars. While Noelle and I would have enjoyed exploring the area more, Dad was in the mood to go sightseeing by car and so we took off and headed to a nice restaurant/general store for lunch before heading back to Ocean City the scenic way.

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