Friday, August 5, 2011

Walking the Boards


This morning Noelle and I headed to the boardwalk. To get there we used the free, but underused, trolley bus that the city offers. The boardwalk "is the shore" to many people and I knew we just had to walk it at least once while in Ocean City. It was interesting to do some people watching, but the best part of the boardwalk is the food. We got some Mack and Manco's Pizza,

sampled some fudge, bought some salt water taffy, but for some reason we never did get ice cream at Kohr's. We also contemplated buying a hermit crab to take back to Minnesota with us but decided against it because we weren't sure if they would let us take it on the plane.

We were tired by the time we got back to the house, but we still had enough energy to make it back to the beach for one last swim in the ocean.

We stayed on the beach late, until hunger forced us to head home to get some food.

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Meg Issacs said...

Awh, this looks like the perfect day!

I really do love reading you blog! I awarded your blog "The Versatile Blog" Award. If you swing by my blog you can check it out! Here is the direct link: