Monday, August 22, 2011

Schoolcraft State Park

hiking Schoolcraft SP

Friday was my last day at work and since I had some extra time before we pack up and head south, Noelle and I decided to go on one last Minnesota road trip. We packed up the Civic and headed west to Grand Rapids and Schoolcraft State Park a small but pleasant park on the Mississippi River. We hiked the short hiking Club Trail there and enjoyed the views of the river,
Mississippi River

Parker looks at River

the wildflowers (mostly goldenrods and asters)


and even some wildlife.


After our hike at Schoolcraft we headed north into the Chippewa National Forest. it was our first time spending any significant time in the Chippewa. We found a pleasant campground at Mososmo Point and, other than the campground hosts, we had it all to ourselves. We did get a visit from a family of raccoons and a butterfly who really seemed to take a liking to me.

Eric & butterfly

butterfly closeup

Mostly we just relaxed and even enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the lake.

Sunset from Mosomo Point

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