Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goodbye Minnesota: Lake Louise and Myre/Big Island State Parks

Flower Closeup

I left Mom and Dad T’s this morning headed south to New Mexico and my new job at Carlsbad Caverns National Park. I had mixed feelings as I got in the car and headed out. I felt excited to be embarking on a new adventure as a permanent National Park Service ranger, yet it was sad to say goodbye to Noelle. I don’t know when I’m going to see her again. Upon leaving Galesville I drove into Minnesota via Winona and stopped by Noelle’s Dad’s work to say goodbye to him. 

From Winona I drove west with my first stop being Lake Louise State Park near the small town of LeRoy. I hiked the Hiking Club trail at Lake Louise along the Upper Iowa River. The hike is supposed to be 3.5 miles long, but it seemed more like a mile, two at the most. 
Jack in the Pulpit
From Lake Louise I headed west to Albert Lea, Minnesota and Myre-Big Island State Park. The hike there was a rather long one at 6.2 miles. There was evidence of high water along much of the trail and I caught several glimpses of Albert Lea Lake.
Lake Louise

I saw many late summer wildflowers and even caught a glimpse of a groundhog.

White Flowers


From Myre-Big Island I got onto I-35 and headed south. I made it as far as Osceola, Iowa before I decided to call it a night. 

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