Sunday, February 17, 2013

Coconino National Forest: V-V Heritage Site

After checking out Montezuma's Well, the day was still young. I had been given an area map at Dead Horse Ranch State Park that showed the location of something called the VV Petroglyph Site. I was intrigued and so I asked about it at Montezuma's Castle. To my luck it happens to be open on Sundays and so i headed over to the site.

When I arrived there I learned that the site is actually called the V-V (V Bar V) Heritage Site. It is the location of a former ranch and after parking the car I walked to the visitor center and found an old chimney still standing with the V-V brand mortared into it.
V-V in Chimney photo Fireplace_zps2664f8f2.jpg
I checked in at the visitor center and then hit the trail for the short walk to the petroglyphs.
Trail to Petroglyphs photo TrailtoPetroglyphs_zps6242c67c.jpg

The rock art here was impressive. Red sandstone walls covered with a dark desert varnish patina. Hundreds of images were pecked into the rock and I took about 30 minutes to admire as many as I could find.
Petroglyphs photo Petroglyphs_zpsccb300a4.jpg
Another Petroglyph Panel photo AnotherPanel_zps16844ce5.jpg
Closeup photo Closeup_zps8031d851.jpg
Petroglyph Panel photo Panel_zpsfc46296d.jpg
Big Panel photo BigPanel2_zpsca236c47.jpg
Light Panel photo LightPanel_zps2f97dcf6.jpg

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