Friday, February 15, 2013

Dead Horse Ranch State Park

After my hike in Boynton canyon and a delicious lunch at Oak Creek Brewing I decided to get out of Sedona and head south. I got in the car and drove to Cottonwood, Arizona and Dead Horse Ranch State Park. I got a campsite in the tent section of the campground, set up camp, and then set out to explore. just near the campground is an old cabin.
Lone Cabin photo LoneCabin_zps6abb2d5b.jpg
It has a barbed wire fence around it, but there is no sign or information about it.

From the campground I set off on a trail that led me to the Tavasci Marsh Trail. There was a good view  of the Verde River and my destination for tomorrow, Tuzigoot National Monument, from near the start of the trail.
Tuzigoot View photo TuzigootfromDeadhorse_zps290da036.jpg
As I traveled further along I got into some reeds and cattails
Trail to Tavasci Marsh photo TsavasiMarsh_zps991925d7.jpg
and then found myself at Tavasci Marsh proper.
Tavasci Marsh photo wetland_zps0c3ab547.jpg
There were not as many birds in the marsh as I had expected, but as I hiked around the area of the marsh I did see a hawk perched in a tree.
Hawk in Tree photo hawk_zps99810eb9.jpg
I followed the mostly unmarked trails around and soon found myself at the Verde River.
Verde River photo VerdeRiver_zps8dbc0aaf.jpg
From this point I retraced my steps to the campground just in time before the sun set.

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