Monday, February 4, 2013

Red Rock Park in Gallup, New Mexico

Woke up in my hotel room in Gallup this morning and checked out after some breakfast. I immediately headed over to Red Rock Park. Apparently, this place was once a state park, but was taken over by the city of Gallup a few years back. I quickly found the trail-head for Pyramid Rock and hit the trail.
Hiking Red Rock Park photo hikingRedRock_zpsca782b05.jpg
It was cold this morning, but as the sun rose I started to warm up. The trail immediately climbed up onto the red rock and made its way towards Pyramid Rock.
Pyramid Rock photo Peak_zps86c6d4e8.jpg
There were some interesting sites along the way including lots of views towards nearby buttes,
Distant Red Rock Peaks photo distantpeaks_zpsd55c2d28.jpg
Church Rock and a few Chimney Rocks.
Chimney Rock photo ChimneyRockagain_zps413239cc.jpg

Soon enough I made my way up to the summit. The view was spectacular.
Eric on Pyramid Rock photo onsummit_zps02579599.jpg
After a few minutes of relaxing and taking a self-portrait, I began to descend. I faint trail that I had passed earlier caught my eye again and I decided I had to take it. it led in the direction of Church Rock.
Church Rock photo Churchrock_zps5492f77e.jpg
Again there were lots of great views, especially towards Church Rock
 photo ChurchRockandTree_zps4dd14533.jpg
Tree and Church Rock photo ChurchRock2_zpsaed5ea14.jpg
and back to Pyramid Rock.
Looking Back at Pyramid Rock photo lookingback_zps9e69bb11.jpg
As I approached the rock the trail became less defined. Offshoots headed in different directions. I wandered around for a bit and finally found a good path that headed down into a drainage below Church Rock. Soon I was back on an official trail, this time the Church Rock Trail.
Rock Shelves and Church Rock photo ChurchRockandshelves_zps9dd726b9.jpg
I made my way farther and farther down, eventually finding myself in a parking lot.

From the parking lot I followed a road to the Pyramid Rock parking area and my car. Red Rock Park turned out to be a worthwhile excursion. If you ever find yourself in Gallup, New Mexico; I would definitely pay the park a visit. 
Lone Tree photo lonetreeinrock_zpse0790cd4.jpg

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