Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tuzigoot National Monument

Trail to Tuzigoot photo trailandruins_zps0ecd25e7.jpg
I woke up to a very cold morning. I filled up my Platypus with water and then made the short drive over to Tuzigoot National Monument. The site had just opened when I arrived. I spent some time reading about some of the plants that grew outside the visitor center before entering to look at the exhibits. The exhibits turned out to be really great. Tuzigoot is one of the best interpreted sites I've been to in a while.

From the visitor center I went outside to check out the ruins. They were interesting with lots of walls still standing or reconstructed.
Ruin Walls photo rockwalls_zpsb86192d6.jpg
Metate and Walls photo metateinwall_zpsb9531ba0.jpg
There were also lots of grinding stones or metates as they are known.
Metate photo mortarhole_zps94e85c64.jpg
I walked all around the site and even went inside the one reconstructed room.
Inside Reconstructed Room photo insideruin_zps69b7d788.jpg
Shortly after entering this room I returned to the visitor center for one last look around. I was then about to leave the site when I noticed a trail leading away from the parking lot that I hadn't noticed before. It turned out this short trail led to Tavasci Marsh which I had hiked to yesterday. I hiked this trail to get a view of the marsh from a different perspective, then headed back to my car ready for some hiking.     

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