Monday, February 4, 2013

Homolovi State Park

Raven photo raven_zpsc5e57930.jpg
After my wonderful hike at Red Rock Park this morning, I hit the road and headed west into Arizona. I stopped and got lunch at Safeway in Winslow and then headed over to the nearby Homolovi State Park. I stopped at the visitor center and paid the admission fee and then set out to explore. Just outside of the visitor center was a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape
Homolovi Landscape photo HomoloviView_zps1ee3fbc5.jpg
and also a recently constructed "ruin" that had been intentionally burned to study the effects of fire on pueblo sites.
Burned Ruin photo BuiltBurnedRuin_zpsbf9c6d9e.jpg

From the visitor center I headed first to the expansive Homolovi II Ruins.
Rock Walls photo SanFranciscoPeaksandRuin_zpsc4692386.jpg
The first thing I noticed was the amount of pottery littering the ground. It was literally everywhere.
Large Pot Sherd photo LargePiece_zps994eb74c.jpg
Previous visitors had collected some of the more impressive pieces into small galleries.
Lots of Sherds photo LotsofPottery_zpsc9999eab.jpg
I spent about an hour looking at the ruins and examining the pottery sherds before moving on.

From Homolovi II I headed south to a short trail leading to some petroglyphs.
Trail Sign photo hikingtrailpost_zps2b677f55.jpg
The glyphs were difficult to make out but at least one was fairly easy to see.
Faint Petroglyph photo faintpetroglyph_zps7fce3e1b.jpg
After hiking the short trail I headed over to the Homolovi I site
Walls and Pottery photo HomoloviI_zpse857434c.jpg
which is located on the banks of the Little Colorado River.
Little Colorado and San Francisco Peaks photo littleColorado_zps510589fe.jpg
Again there were interesting ruins and walls and lots of pottery.
Ruin Walls and Pottery photo wallandsherds_zps431b019a.jpg
From Homolovi I I left the park and headed further west to Flagstaff where I got an early dinner at the Flagstaff Brewing Company. Then it was on to the Grand Canyon for the start of my training tomorrow.        

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