Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cape Hatteras National Seashore: Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Today was a driving day. The whole family loaded into two vehicles and we headed south through Cape Hatteras national Seashore to Cape Hatteras itself. The cape is the site of the famous lighthouse that was moved to protect it from beach erosion.
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and Monuments
When we finally got to the lighthouse Sierra was hungry. We found a hidden little picnic spot behind the ticket booth where Noelle nursed her. While sitting in the shade near the picnic table I spotted this interesting looking toad.
Because Sierra is too small to go into the lighthouse we just lounged around outside and admired the view while some of the party made the ascent.
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Once everyone had made their way  up, down and through the bookstore, we headed back north to Southern Shores, but not before we stopped at a restaurant called I Got Your Crabs to treat Mom and Dad to dinner for their anniversary.   

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