Monday, June 24, 2013

Wright Brothers National Memorial

Today the family headed over to Wright Brothers National Memorial to learn a little bit about the history of aviation. We arrived somewhat early but headed inside the hangar-like museum to check out some of the exhibits. I wish we had checked out the outdoor portions of the memorial as it got hotter and hotter as the day went on. Finally after about an hour and a half inside we headed out into the heat. We checked out a little memorial stone that marks the spot where the first flight took place.
Flight Spot Monument
Then we walked the paved walkway to the memorial itself.
 Sierra and Noelle at Wright Brothers Memorial

There were lots of people up there checking out the memorial with us,
Dad and Memorial
a few skinks as well.
After a few minutes at the monument we were all really hot, tired and hungry. We could see some picnic tables in a shady area under some live oaks and so we made our way in that direction for lunch. it was quite enjoyable eating under the oaks.
Live Oak and Memorial
Sierra and Grandma
We even did a little bit of tree climbing before leaving to head back to the rental house. 
JT Climbs Tree

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