Friday, June 21, 2013

Pisgah National Forest: Rhododendron Gardens of Roan Mountain

The Great Grunwald Roadtrip of 2013 begins! This morning I took the garbage to the waste transfer station as soon as it opened and we hit the road. Our destination is eventually Philadelphia, but on the way we plan stops in Greensboro, the Outer Banks and Wilmington, Delaware. Today we would be headed to the famous rhododendron gardens on Roan Mountain.

We made the circuitous drive through Erwin and the mountains to Carver's Gap. From Carver's Gap we took the road that leads directly to the gardens. We parked the car and got out to some cool temperatures and light fog. We hadn't even packed jackets!
Roan Mountain Rhododendron
Luckily we had a nice warm sweatshirt for Sierra. We all enjoyed walking amongst the blooming flowers,
Rhododendron in Bloom
though I overheard people say that this year's display is not as good as in years past.
Among the Blooms
Rhododendron Gardens
Still we saw plenty of pink flowers in bloom
Sierra Checks Out the Blossoms
and got a few nice family photos amongst the rhododendron and spruce.
Family Photo on Roan Mountain
Besides the rhododendron we also found a jack-in-the-Pulpit and some interesting purple columbine.  
Jack in the Pulpit

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