Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sierra's First Time at the Beach

After checking out the Bodie Island Lighthouse area Noelle, Sierra, Parker and I headed south into Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. We stopped at a parking lot at the visitor center and got ready for Sierra's first trip to the beach.
Getting Ready for the Beach
When ready we crossed the highway and climbed the dunes before we could sea the mighty Atlantic.
First Time on Beach for Sierra
There were some visible remains of a shipwreck just offshore which made the site particularly interesting.
This area is, after all, called the Graveyard of the Atlantic.

Despite the strong winds which blew sand around and covered our beach towel, we spent some time sitting on the beach. Sierra played with a seashell that we found
Sierra and her Seashell
and she even dipped her toes in the ocean.
Sierra and Daddy at the Beach
In the Ocean
I would say it was a good, short introduction to the beach for our little girl.      

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