Saturday, June 22, 2013

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

We spent the night in Greesboro last night and this morning we headed up to Guilford Courthouse National Military Park the site of a Revolutionary War battle back in 1781. This battle, a British victory, turned out to be the high-water mark for the British during the War for American Independence.

Our visit turned out to be mush different then most of our visits to National Park Service sites. Because Parker was with us we weren't able to spend much time in the visitor center so we didn't see the park film or look at many exhibits. Instead we did some walking on the park trails.
Sierra in Wrap
The most noticeable aspect of the park is the preponderance of monuments.
James Morehead Monument
Karrenhappuch Turner Monument
Bugler Gillies Monument
Jethro Sumner Monument
Signers Monument
They are all over the place and I took the opportunity to photograph quite a few of them as we walked.
Noelle, Sierra, and the American Third Line Monument
Delaware Monument
The most conspicuous of the monuments is that built to honor Nathanael Greene whom our new hometown of Greeneville (and Greene County too) is named after.
Nathanael Greene Monument

Besides the many monuments, Sierra enjoyed seeing all the dogs that people were out walking. She liked one particular small dog that when the dog walked away with its owners, Sierra started to cry.         

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