Friday, June 14, 2013

Pisgah National Forest: Spring Creek Loop Trail

A beautiful morning ans so Noelle, Sierra, Parker and I headed out through Hot Springs to the Rocky Bluff Campground and the trailhead for a short hike on the Spring Creek Nature Trail.  The hike started with a pretty steep descent on a very wet trail.
Noelle and Parker
Eventually we found ourselves at a little overlook on Spring Creek.
The creek was flowing pretty good given all the recent rains. Once at the creek the trail closely paralleled the stream and its many small cascades.
We stopped several times to admire the flowing water.
Family at Creek
Parker and Water

After the trail left the creekside it was a steep ascent back to the campground. We fed Sierra her lunch there and admired the flowers blooming. There was some white rhododendron
white rhododendron
and some of what they call bubby bush in bloom.     
Two Bubby Flowers

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