Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jay Cooke State Park: CCC Trail and Thomson Pioneer Cemetery

Today was a beautiful day, and so I went back to Jay Cooke State Park. I didn't go alone today though, Noelle came with me. Before we set off on the trails though, we went to the Cozy Restaurant and Lounge for lunch. Noelle and I both got the same thing: the Cozy Sandwich. It was very good. Ham, turkey, melted cheddar, horseradish and cranberry sauce. Yum!

After lunch we hit the trail. We went to the suspension bridge to check things out before a short hike along the CCC trail. Then we hiked over to the Thomson Pioneer Cemetery before returning to the car. A great day to be outside.


Still Wandering said...

Wooooo! I love Jay Cooke. Are you guys going to join the MN state parks passport club? You could get a ton on the north shore!

Pam said...

I just visited Jay Cooke and the pioneer cemetery yesterday with my sister. Great photo of Baby Otto's gravestone, one of the very few that are still in one piece even if not upright.