Sunday, October 18, 2009

Park Point

The more time I spend in Duluth, the more and more I like this city. Even though it's much smaller that our former home of Lexington, Kentucky it feels so much more like a "real city". The downtown area is quite built-up and very densely populated with hotels, condos, and office buildings. There is a lot to do here as well: a zoo, a few museums, a few places to see live music, and a world-class parks system.

The wonderful parks of Duluth were evident again today in our hike to Park Point on the largest freshwater sandbar in the world. Noelle and I hiked this trail and beach with Kati and Noelle's mom again. This time Parker also walked with us. We spent the first half of the hike looking for Lake Superior agates, pebbled pieces of glass and other interesting objects that had washed ashore.

At the halfway point we inspected the ruins of the old lighthouse there and then headed back to the parking lot along the trail through sand dunes and forest. An added bonus of the hike was when we got to watch a float plane make a landing at the Sky Harbor Airport. A very enjoyable hike and knowing we are so close to the beach adds some diversity to the already large options of recreational activities we can participate in here.

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