Monday, October 12, 2009

The Superior Hiking Trail: North 24th Ave W to Twin Ponds

I was busy running a lot of errands today, so my plan to hike a long section of the SHT was put on hold. In fact I had so little time when I was finally ready to go hiking that I decided to skip ahead a few trail sections to a shorter one that is only 1.7 miles long. The short hike length meant, however, that I was able to take Parker with me. We had a great hike together on a really interesting section of trail.

The hike started at the Twin Ponds in Enger Park. From there we hiked uphill to Enger Tower. There is a short spur trail there that leads to the tower itself and since it was a fairly nice day, I decided to hike up to the tower and climb the stairs to see the view. I was not disappointed, the view from up there is amazing! I was even able to see a ship move through the canal and under the Aerial Lift Bridge.

After some time up in the tower Parker and I headed back to the trail. We hiked a weird section of the trail that passes through "Forgotten Park", an old, abandoned park complete with overgrown basketball court and weedy baseball field. Shortly after passing through the park we were at the next trailhead and ready to return to the car. A short but interesting section of trail.

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