Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lester Park: The Deeps

Today Noelle, Parker, and I visited another one of Duluth's many excellent city parks. This time we headed east to Lester Park where two branches of the Lester River converge. Because the water here flows down rocky hillside creeks, there is plenty of scenery to look at on the walk. We started out on the trail and followed a branch of the river to the spot where the two branches converge and then headed upstream to what is called "The Deeps" where a fairly tall waterfall plunges into a deep pool. In the summertime swimmers are known to jump into the pool below the falls.

On a cool day like today, however, we saw no one attempting such a stunt.

It is a very pleasant, short hike though. Noelle wasn't feeling completely well and so we opted not to hie to "The Shallows." We'll have to save that for our next visit.

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